DGS Mainz starts distribution of EDITRON

With immediate effect, DGS GmbH is expanding its range to include EDITRON electric drives. This business unit of Danfoss Power Solutions offers in its broad portfolio, in addition to the powerful electric motors with outputs between 30 and 1000kW, also inverters and accessory components. For DGS, this is an important complement to combustion engines. In the future, the customer will always be offered the best drive solution: … whether with full automation or purely electric. DGS specializes in drives for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, municipal vehicles and special applications. All these machines require robust and reliable drive solutions with high torques.

The Danfoss EDITRON business unit offers drives tailored precisely to these conditions. Unlike other manufacturers, the drives are already used in large numbers in series production and have been widely proven. The electrical components are manufactured to the same high quality standards as Danfoss heavy duty hydraulics. A worldwide customer service with partner network ensures high availability in operation.

For DGS, the investment in taking over distribution responsibility is a clear commitment to the future of modern drive technology. Electric drives are not only relevant for purely electric solutions. In combination with a diesel engine, practical and commercially sound solutions are also created as hybrid or diesel-electric systems with increased customer benefits and high energy efficiency.

DGS is currently supporting the German manufacturer Cedima in the development of an electric drill carriage. In addition to the electric motor, DGS is also supplying the battery, the charging technology and the software for controlling the system. In another project for a manufacturer of special machinery, EDITRON electric motors with 400kW are combined with automatic transmissions from Allison. Here, 42 years of experience in the application of Allison transmissions pays off.  The result is a refined driveline that optimally fits the customer’s requirements.

Over Danfoss EDITRON

Danfoss EDITRON specializes in hybrid and electric drive systems for off-highway and marine markets. As a business unit of Danfoss, the company develops and manufactures high-performance drive systems for heavy-duty vehicles, machinery and marine vessels based on its unique SPRM (Synchronous Reluctance Assisted Permanent Magnet) technology. Danfoss EDITRON drives offer market-leading efficiency and are suitable for hybrid and electric applications in the power range from 30 kW to 6,000 kW. EDITRON is the new name for the complete electric drive system developed by the company. It is controlled by powerful software that optimizes each component of the electric or hybrid powertrain, resulting in far more intelligent management of power distribution to provide maximum efficiency to the end user. With operations in Finland, Denmark, China, the United States of America and the United Kingdom, Danfoss has assembled an award-winning team to work on technologies that enable tomorrow’s world to do more with less.