All-terrain crane Grove GMK6300L-1 with Allison fully automatic at Wiesbauer: High, jerk-free, maneuverable – custom work with comfort

Wiesbauer’s fleet has included the new six-axle Grove GMK6300L-1 all-terrain (AT) crane with Allison 4500 SP fully automatic transmission since September 2018. The previous GMK6300L model, also with Allison fully automatic transmission, was already indispensable in Kran Wiesbauer’s fleet. Wiesbauer is convinced by the concept of this crane, currently the only one in this vehicle class with fully automatic transmission. The reliability, performance and economy of the 300-ton crane are virtually unbeatable.

Plankstadt – Multi-axle mobile cranes are heavy, powerful and often only travel at walking speed. They have to be maneuvered with centimeter precision on rough terrain and repeatedly set in motion from a standstill. For the components that transmit the power of the engine to the axles in as finely dosed a manner as possible, this is hard work. Conventional dry clutches are subjected to maximum stress, can overheat and “burn out”. Allison fully automatic transmissions, on the other hand, are completely different: Instead of a dry clutch, they use a wear-free torque converter for starting. The torque converter not only acts as a hydraulic clutch, but also multiplies torque and maximizes engine output. Together with uninterrupted power transmission to the driveline, this results in highly comfortable driving and operating characteristics and higher productivity. Features that make a huge difference in practice – for crane operators and crane operators.

The Plankstadt-based branch of Wiesbauer GmbH & Co. KG took delivery of its new GMK6300L-1 at Manitowoc’s Wilhelmshaven plant at the end of September 2018. Norman Weitzel, branch manager at Wiesbauer in Plankstadt, says: “We need vehicles that are robust, reliable and economical. We cannot afford frequent downtimes and high maintenance costs. In order to be able to transport the large loads precisely, we also need vehicles in this class that are easy to operate and maneuver with millimeter precision, even in difficult terrain. For this reason, we have once again opted for a GMK 6300L-1 with a true torque converter transmission.”

When lifting to great heights, the new Grove GMK6300L-1, launched in March 2018, offers even more power and outstanding ride comfort and maneuverability in its class thanks to the Allison 4500 SP (Specialty Series) fully automatic transmission. Jörg Haasner, driver of the crane, explains, “On the construction site, there is nothing better for me than a torque converter transmission. Maneuvering in inner cities and on tight construction sites is much easier – and very important – the jerk-free start-up means nothing rocks back and forth on the hook.”

With a maximum lifting capacity of 300 tons, the GMK6300L-1 handles loads of up to 14 tons when the main boom is fully extended (80 meters). A 37-meter boom extension is available to extend the reach. In total, this gives the crane a top height of up to 120 meters. It will greatly facilitate tasks such as erecting tower cranes, placing air conditioning and elevator equipment on buildings, and chimney work.

The 2-engine crane in the undercarriage is powered by a Mercedes Tier 4 final engine rated at 430 kW / 585 hp and the six-speed Allison 4500 SP fully automatic transmission with torque converter. This allows the GMK6300L-1 to be easily moved on a job site even when rigged with 92.5 tons of counterweight. Axle loads of up to 28 tons (per axle) must be moved smoothly to prevent the valuable cargo from swinging on the hook. This is where the Allison torque converter transmission comes into its own: It enables absolutely smooth and jerk-free starting and braking.

The superstructure is powered by a Mercedes Tier 4 final engine with 210kW / 285hp. Unlike competitors, Manitowoc Grove has been using torque converter transmissions on cranes in this weight and power class for years.

“The GMK6300L series cranes are the only ones in their class that have a fully automatic transmission and therefore the best handling on the job site,” says Andreas Cremer, global product director for All Terrain Cranes at Manitowoc. He adds, “The Allison 4500 SP offers a powerful, reliable and cost-effective driveline solution and has proven itself in even the toughest operating conditions. The electronic controls allow it to adapt to its environment as well as perform self-diagnostics, making maintenance easier. An optional built-in output shaft retarder provides improved braking on downhill grades and conveys greater safety to the crane operator when driving such a heavy vehicle.”

And not to be neglected, cranes should not be an obstacle in normal road traffic either. A green light means moving off quickly, even for cranes. When traveling on public roads to the job site, this 6-axle crane reaches a top speed of 85 km/h.